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Teller 3 out now!

Iphgenia Baal at the Teller 3 launch
Teller 3 launch at TJ Boulting

Many thanks to everyone who came along!

Teller 3

Teller’s back, at work and at play. This issue’s storytellers take us wandering with woodworking travellers, let us in on a former love and while away time on the way to war. We’re hanging out with Melbourne’s Parkies, waiting around for the council, and spending a day at the office. And much more.

Teller 2 contributor readings
Lucy Caldwell, Amber Marks and Salena Godden at the Teller 2 launch in July. With thanks to Laurens Steenbergen.
Amber Marks
Lucy Caldwell
Salena Godden

“I am a Catholic, but the thing is, the last two years I go to five different churches. St John’s has a lady vicar. The Baptist church across the road gives a lunch on Fridays, then I go to the Salvation Army in Hove — they’ve got another lunch on Wednesdays.”
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